NewBaby - Labor & Delivery Notification Software

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Used in Hospital Labor & Delivery rooms after a baby is born. There are two parts to this application. First part is after the baby is born you launch the NewBaby Creator application from the pc in the delivery room to create a new record with all the needed info. Export reports to Excel. Easy to setup, and mass install.


NewBaby Creator

Second part, the NewBaby Queue application which is always running, as a system tray application, on the unit secretary, and any other nurse desk pc, pops up a system tray alert and ringing alert, see below.


NewBaby Popup

A nurse, or unit secretary then clicks the new baby record system tray pop up to get a completed list of active alerts, see below.


NewBaby Queue

Then double clicks on a patient record line and gets the complete view of the record. User then enters the data into the hospitals registration software, then enters in the Work Completed field a short description of what they did, like "Entered into registration system".


NewBaby Close Out