Panic Button Security Software

Code Gray Software.

Alert all of your staff immediately as soon as the desktop panic button is clicked.

As low as $199.00 - Onetime Site License For ALL Computers. No yearly fees & Free Updates. Unlimited Use.


Government / School / Nonprofit Discount

Multiple Location Corporate Licenses Available

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Purchase USB Physical Button

X $40.00

Our Panic Button software has many advantages:

  • USB connected Physical Buttons are now available, and runs as a service so Windows does NOT need to be logged in to activate alert with a USB physical button.
  • Easily mass deploy with included silent installers.
  • Easily switch to a desktop green button, gray button or red button.
  • An alert is instantly available on all computers, running the administrator application, generating a very rapid response.
  • E-mail server included. Automatically email and text messages to cell phones when there is an alert.
  • All alerts are saved with date, time, PC name, PC Location, I.P., action taken.
  • Use for any type of security threat. Active Shooter, Code Green, Code Gray, Code Red etc.
  • Free tech support via e-mail included. No hidden fees. No yearly fees. All licenses are a onetime charge. Contact us about our government/school discounts, and corporate licenses for multiple locations.
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • The perfect panic button for office, government, and school environments.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and up.
  • This is NOT a Cloud based system. All applications and data are stored at your location. You own your data.
  • This computer based panic button is used all over the world for all types of organizations.
  • Our Mission Statement.

Physical USB connected button - Green Panic Button

Above is our USB connected physical button. $40.00 per device with free U.S. shipping included. Under desk panic buttons are silent panic button that can be placed anywhere the USB cable will reach. Contact us about international shipping and government/school/nonprofit discounts.


Panic Button Software desktop client screen shot. User clicks this button to activate an alert.

Above is a screen shot of the button client.


  • Drag the button to anywhere on your desktop and the position is saved.
  • You can customize the color of the button.
  • Choose different customizable confirmation windows.
  • Mass PC deployment is fast and simple as copying two files.

Panic Button Software Administrator Alert Window. This is the alert that pops up when there is an active alert.

Above is the panic button alarm alert that appears, on all PC's running the Admin application, when the Button client is activated. When a pc user running the customizable button client application double clicks the button an alert is sent to all pc's running the above administrator application. There is also a free email server included that will email or text message a list of people.

Panic Button Software client optional confirmation window 1.     Panic Button Software client optional confirmation window 2.

Above are two examples of the customizable confirmation box that pops up when the button client is clicked. If the user clicks yes then an alert is activated and all computers running the above administrator application are notified.

Panic Button Software client optional confirmation window 3.

Above is another confirmation window that you can use. You can also decide not to have a confirmation box at all. Everything is easily customizable.

If you decide to install the free email server application an email will also be sent to all email addresses/text that you setup.

Includes a Free EMAIL SERVER

Panic Button Software included email server screen shot

The above included email server application detects a new alert record, and emails to anyone on your list the date, time and location of the alert. The email server can also send to cell phones as a text messages.