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$15.00 - $30.00 Per Month
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  • Unlimited use
  • Use for delivery, In house, or take out


Test Out The Site Right Now With The Following Login.

Temporary user names are one of the following newuser1, newuser2, or newuser3

Password for all = newuser

Site ID = 2

After logging in click the Settings menu option then Restaurant Menu Settings

Note To Testing Users: The same user name can only be logged in by one person at a time. When one person is trying out the site with one of the above user names and then someone else uses that same user name the first person will be logged out. If this happens then try one of the other user names with the password newuser. You can get your own unique User Name and Site ID by emailing us with your company info for your free trial. There is no obligation to buy. Once you have your own User Name you will have a free 30 day trial. If you decide to keep this service after the free trial all your tickets and settings you made during the trial will remain.


Give your users only the level of access they need. If you have one of your users that only needs to view reports then give them level 1 security access. As an administrator you can at any time change your user's security level from within the Service Ticket administrative menus.

1 = View Reports Only
2 = Create New Tickets Only - No Reports
3 = Standard User - Create, View, Update records
4 = Create, View, Update, Delete, Invoices
5 = Company Administrator - Full Access


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  • Any modern internet browser is supported.


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