USB Drive Guard
USB Drive Guard - Free Trial

An easy to setup data leak prevention (DLP) security solution that enables network administrators to centrally control the use of USB drives on the network. This application runs silently on any windows PC and when someone inserts any type of storage device it will check the database to see if been authorized. If the device has not been authorized then the device will be blocked so the person can't use it. READ MORE...

Code Green Panic Button Software software
Panic Button - Free Trial

Alert all of your staff immediately as soon as the desktop panic button is clicked. PC based panic button software. Easy to install Application always floats over other applications providing discreet and highly effective protection. READ MORE...

Digital Chalkboard software
Digital Chalkboard - Free Trial

Great For Restaurants, Bars, Cafeteria's, and anyone who wants to display menus and messages onto a big screen TV, or monitor. Create menu style chalkboard slides from a fully customized easy to use application and display them on a big screen TV, or monitor for your customers to see. Create timed slides that go from one menu slide to the next, or just create one menu slide. Includes chalkboard backgrounds and chalkboard fonts for a realistic chalkboard look. READ MORE...

Code Alert
Code Alert - Free Trial

An application that allows you to create custom alert messages that will pop up with a system tray message. You create your custom code alerts and locations then your PBX operator, or any user can within seconds create a custom message that all the Code Alert installed computers on your network will see. Perfect for creating Health Alert codes in hospitals, and other medical related organizations, but flexible for any type of business. READ MORE...

Service Ticket Online
Service Ticket Online - Free Trial

Internet Based Work Order Web Application. $15.00 Per Month - First Month Free with no contracts. No software to install. Browser Based. Use on any internet connected device. Track and create service tickets, inventory, invoices, parking passes, preventative maintenance, knowledge base articles, phone book etc. READ MORE...

Service Master Software
Service Master Software - Free Trial

No matter what type of business you have Service Master Software allows your employees to create, print and track work orders in an easy yet organized way. You are able to quickly generate work orders, print copies and automatically save to the database. READ MORE...

Medical Registration Kiosk
Medical Registration Kiosk - Free Trial

Emergency Room patient check in software to alert the staff of their information. Any PC will be able to see how many people are in the waiting room and the exact reason for their visit. READ MORE...

Medical Procedure Board
Medical Procedure Board - Free Trial

Used in Hospitals to display today's scheduled procedures on a big screen monitor/tv. Give your staff their own login and they schedule/edit cases that show on the board. There are two types of application modes. Kiosk mode is for a big screen monitor, and desktop mode is for creating new/editing records. READ MORE...

NewBaby Registration - Free Trial

Used in Hospital Labor & Delivery rooms after a baby is born. There are two parts to this application. First part is after the baby is born you launch the NewBaby Creator application from the pc in the delivery room to create a new record with all the needed info. READ MORE...

Direct Admit
Direct Admit Notification - Free Trial

Used in Hospitals to quickly alert admitting, and case management staff computers with an alert popup of a doctor's office direct admit. READ MORE...

Waiting Room Kiosk
Waiting Room Kiosk - Free Trial

Give your visitors a self check in option. Fully customizable for any type of waiting room, medical or otherwise. Designed for touch screen monitors, but not required. After visitors check in the staff computers get an alert with visitors information. Optionally add your company logo and custom messages. READ MORE...

Office Of Inspector General Exclusion Program
Office Of Inspector General Exclusion Program - Free Trial

This application quickly compares your employee list with the federal governments OIG’s current List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE). LEIE provides information to the health care industry, patients and the public regarding individuals and entities currently excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and all other Federal health care programs. READ MORE...

Service Desk TTS
Service Desk I.T. Tools - Free Trial

is a complete application that includes: Knowledge base article creation, software package push installs, tons of networking tools, service ticket creation for your local tech's, inventory for everything from pc's to scanners, Windows domain tools, and so much more. READ MORE...

My Computer Name
Online Restaurant Menu - Free Trial

An online customizable menu designed for any food service business. Customers can preorder take out orders, in house kiosk ordering, or food service staff can take orders for customers. Perfect for any food service business like take out pizza, food trucks, sub shops, even simplifying dietary staff job of patient ordering at hospitals. Works on any internet connected device. Any brand smart phone or tablet. READ MORE...

Auto Pinger
Auto Pinger - Free Trial

Perfect for network administrators who need to monitor devices on their network. Setup the auto pinger to automatically ping as many devices as you want and one by one this application will ping the device and if it doesn't reply then the application will email you with the device I. P. or name. There is also another process to automatically scan PC's on your network to make sure certain services are running. Both processes can be run continuously and at the same time. READ MORE...

My Computer Name
My Computer Name - Free

Place in all of your computer users All User Start Menu to make your Local I. T. support calls easier. When they call you Just have them click the Start Button then click this app to get the name of their PC, Windows user name, and I. P. address. No support files to install, just copy the downloaded exe file to public desktop. NET 4.0 is required. Contact us to have a custom title bar. Click here to download

Num Locks Always On software
Num Locks Always On - Free

An application you just place into your windows all users startup folder and it will run on a timer and turn on your Num Locks if its off. No support files to install, just copy the downloaded exe file to the all users start up folder. NET 4.0 is required. Click here to download

Caps Lock Always Off software
Cap Locks Always Off - Free

Same as the Num Locks Always On app, but turns off the Caps Locks if on. No support files to install, just copy the downloaded exe file to the all users start up folder. NET 4.0 is required. Click here to download

Caps Lock Always Off software
Public IP - Free

This free application starts up with your PC, and runs in the background in the system tray. It detects once an hour if your public IP address changed. When it does the app emails/text you at the address/number you requested. No support files to install, just copy the downloaded exe file to the all users start up folder. NET 4.0 is required. Click here to download

Who Logged On
Who Logged On - Free

Log all Windows logins for all of your networked pc's to the database, and use the viewer app to run reports by date, and or user. READ MORE...